Scott Kevin Ralston.


It started oh so many years ago as a high school hobby, and never stopped.

Like so many others I started with the simplest of 35mm film cameras that had automatic nothing! I've witnessed many technological innovations such as auto-focus and the emergence of digital and I've done my best to embrace it all. Sometimes it was easy; sometimes I went kicking and screaming... none the less, I seem to have gotten by.

I have purchased, sold, traded, and given away equipment from every leading manufacturer of photographic gear. From that, I've learned the equipment is the smallest part of the creative process as the eye, the heart, and the mind dictates the outcome.

After figuring that out, I concentrated on images that pleased my eye and was fortunate to get involved in associate studios and by those associations, published in beauty oriented trade magazines.

I left the studios behind in 2012 and continued on a quest to capture the ultimate in black & white visions with just a splash of color... just to keep it interesting.


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